Clean Drain Dry Initiative Releases Annual Accomplishment Report

White Bear Lake, MN – Wildlife Forever is proud to release the 2023 Clean Drain Dry Initiative® annual accomplishment report. Through partnerships with the outdoor industry, state and federal agencies, and community organizations, on-the-ground efforts delivered critical invasive species prevention infrastructure and a nationwide public service campaign reaching 65 million impressions.

Invasive species are a leading threat to the 887 billion dollar outdoor industry. When established, they can dramatically change the ecosystem and impact communities dependent on safe and reliable natural resources. The 2023 Report showcases national efforts to coordinate communications and prevention marketing by delivering on-the-ground strategies that empower the public and prevent spread.

“Defending America’s public lands and waters from invasive species is possible. Tools at the access to clean boats and equipment are wise investments against increasing threats. Education and awareness must also remain a top priority to ensure public users understand best practices for prevention,” said Pat Conzemius, President & CEO of Wildlife Forever.

2023 Highlights Include:

  • Risk assessment and access enhancement implementation in the Columbia River Basin
  • Citizen Carp Control advocacy efforts to support commercial harvest and processing
  • Initiation and development of a new mapping tool to aid traveling boaters in doing their part to prevent invasive species

“Thank you to our many partners who continue to help us lead this coalition. By working and supporting local organizations, we’re able to amplify efforts with national stakeholders to implement consistent messaging and programming across the country,” said Zach Burnside, Invasive Species Program Manager.

Since 2006, the Clean Drain Dry Initiative has reached over 2.4 billion impressions and has invested over $14 million dollars to coordinate the national campaign and educate outdoor recreational users on how to prevent the spread of invasive species. Strategic communications, marketing, outreach, and educational services provide access to consistent messaging and tailored AIS prevention planning. To learn about services, contact Zach Burnside: and visit

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