Songbird Art Contest

The ART of Conservation®

Throughout history, North America has been home to tremendous diversity of wildlife and bird species. Since the 1960s, Songbird populations in North America have dropped 29 percent over historic averages. Three billion birds have been lost with additional species declining each year. Many species of songbirds are threatened and at risk for becoming endangered. While one single factor cannot be attributed to these losses, the data is clear that public awareness and education about this critical issue is needed now, more than ever.

The Art of Conservation® Songbird Art Contest is an art competition hosted by Wildlife Forever, focused on sharing the wonder and species diversity of North American songbirds. Participants will learn about a North American Songbird Species and compete for prizes and international recognition.

Connecting people to nature through the arts has helped to transform policy and management. Raising awareness and educating the public on how to help recover North America’s songbird population will create stewardship and lasting benefits to people young and old, ensuring the future of conservation.

How to Enter

1. Click the icon above the review the 2023 Rules and Guidelines with an adult.

2. Select a bird species from the Official Bird List to base your entry on. (see below)

3. Use books and reputable online resources to research your fish species.

4. Create a hand-done, original illustration of your species. Exact copies of a photo or other artist’s work will be disqualified. Any 2D medium is acceptable.

5. A personally written piece of creative writing or essay (one side of one page) sharing what you learned. Essays are not required for K-3 and international participants but will be considered for awards if submitted. 

6. Click the icon above to complete a contest entry form and submit your entry.

7. Click the icon above to download your Certificate of Participation! 

Get Involved

To develop this program, Wildlife Forever is seeking partner collaboration. The Songbird Art Contest™ will focus on conservation education as modeled in the Fish Art Contest and be available to all ages with a strong focus on youth engagement.

If you are interested in supporting this program or would like to learn more, please contact