Award Categories

The Fish Art Program offers many different award categories to recognize our participant’s unique talents and to focus on important conservation topics and issues.

Move your cursor over the photos below to read a short synopsis about each award category available for the contest.

Only one entry may be submitted per person but an entry can qualify for multiple awards.

ex. Artwork featuring a Bull Shark and an Invasive Lionfish would qualify for BOTH the Invader Crusader award and the Guy Harvey Shark Award.

Specialty Awards

These awards have certain requirements to compete. Get a quick peek at what’s required to compete for these awards! 

Guy Harvey Shark Award

Guy Harvey Award

Created to celebrate sharks and raise awareness about their importance in the ecosystem.


Artwork must feature a Shortfin Mako Shark, Tiger Shark, White Shark, or Bull Shark


Signed Artwork from artist, marine biologist and conservationist Guy Harvey (up to $200 value)

Created with support by the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation

IGFA Conservation Award

IGFA Conservation Award

Created to promote youth education through fish, fishing, and aquatic conservation.


Artwork must include any fish included on IGFA’s applicable species list or other chosen billfish species.

Quick Resources: 

Learn about fish with the IGFA Game Fish Database

Learn about fishing with IGFA’s Intro to Fishing course 

Learn about the IGFA Great Marlin Race 

Western Native Trout Award

Western Native Trout Award

Created to celebrate the diversity and variety of native trout species in the western United States.


Artwork must feature a Western Native Trout species.


Western Native Trout Initiative Prize Package

Winning artwork displayed on the WNTI website, newsletter, and social media pages.

Certificate of Recognition

Invader Crusader

Invader Crusader Award

Created to raise awareness about the impact of aquatic invasive species on fish, fishing, and habitat.


Artwork must feature an aquatic invasive species in addition to any fish species.


Prizes to be announced!

Read more about invasive species HERE.

See our Previous Winners

Fish Flag Contest

Fish Flag Award

A secondary contest created in partnership with the World Fish Migration Foundation to celebrate migratory fish and the free-flowing rivers they rely on.


Artwork must feature a migratory fish species on a fish flag.


Created with help from the World Fish Migration Foundation

Fish Habitat Writing Award

Fish Habitat Award

Created in partnership with the National Fish Habitat Partnership to focus on the importance of protecting and restoring natural fish habitat.


Essay must answer “Why do you think it is important to protect our lakes, rivers, estuaries, and coastlines?”


Gift package from the National Fish Habitat Partnership

State Specialty Awards

Hosts of the State-Fish Art Contest may offer special awards for students from their state. Look below to see if your state has any additional awards you may qualify for!

Alaska Fish Heritage Award

Alaska Fish Heritage Award

Created to celebrate Alaskan’s unique relationship with King (Chinook) Salmon though sport fishing, subsistence fishing or commercial fishing.


Artist must be from the state of Alaska.

Artwork must feature a King (Chinook) Salmon and illustrate one unique way that Alaskans interact with this fish.

Examples include dip netting, commercial fishing, fish processing/drying, or yourself with your favorite catch!

Essay must highlight the cultural, economic, or recreational importance of the King (Chinook) Salmon in Alaska.


International Recognition

Certificate of Recognition


Created with support by the US Forest Service, Region 10 Office

Go Fish Georgia Award

Go Fish Georgia Award

Created by the Georgia Go Fish! Education center to celebrate fish species native or introduced to the state that are commonly sought by anglers.


Artist must be from the state of Georgia

Examples of eligible species include:

  •  Shoal Bass, Largemouth Bass, Red Drum, Channel Catfish, Bluegill, Tarpon, Spotted Bass, Walleye, White Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Suwannee Bass, Dorado, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Black Crappie, Striped Bass, Spotted Sea Trout (Speckled Sea Trout), Cobia, American Shad and more.


Artwork on Display at the Go Fish Education Center

Certificate of Recognition


Created with support by the Georgia Go Fish Education Center

National Awards

These awards are open to every contestant of the Fish Art contest. There are no special requirements to compete for these prestigious awards.

Seth Thomas Spradlin Best of Show

Best of Show

Dedicated to Seth Thomas Spradlin, the winner of the 2008 Best of Show and Art of Conservation Awards, who tragically passed away with his brother in a float plane accident while working for the Alaska National Park Service.

This Award is given to the judges’ overall top favorite piece of artwork for the contest year.

Art of Conservation Award

Art of Conservation

The Art of Conservation® Award is given to the entry that best illustrates the unique conservation needs of their chosen state-fish species. Both artwork and essays are taken into account when selecting this award. 

Smile Award

Smile Award

Created to celebrate one artist’s unique perspective on fish.

This award is given to the student whose piece makes the judges ‘smile’ inside and out!

Awards for Educators

Richard M. Hart Educator of the Year

Know an outstanding educator? Nominate them for the opportunity to win:

  1. Limited edition “Richard M. Hart Educator of the Year” Fish Art Print
  2. $1,000 Amazon gift card for educational supplies
  3. $900 stipend toward a Fishing or Aquatic Education Seminar / Field Trip for classroom
    Learn More