Invader Crusader Award

Invader Crusader Award

Steps to Qualify for the Invader Crusader Award:


1. Select a North American Species from the Official Fish List and an invasive species that is impacting it.

2. Utilize the State-Fish Art Lesson Plan,  the resources below and other written and online reputable sources to learn about your fish species and invasive species. 

3. Read through the Rules & Guidelines to be sure your artwork and essay will qualify for the contest.

Optional: Look at Judge’s Wisdom & Inspiration for advice and examples of previous art and essays.

4. Create your Entry consisting of two parts:

Part A
One original HORIZONTAL 9″X12″ (23cmX30cm) ART ILLUSTRATION of your selected fish species and invasive species

Part B
A personally written essay (ONE SIDE OF ONE PAGE) relating to your chosen fish species and the impact that the invasive species has on its


5. Complete a contest Entry Form and affix the form to the back of the artwork with a clear glue stick.  International entries have a separate Entry Form which does not need to be attached to the artwork. Be sure to mark that you are entering in the “Invader Crusader Award.”

6. Mail your entry to the address listed at the top of your Entry Form before March 31st. **International entries should be sent in through e-mail. Please include a scanned image or photo of your Artwork, Essay (optional) and Entry form and send to

Judging occurs in April and winners of the State-Fish Art Contest are announced in early May at 



Information from the USFWS

USDA Aquatic Invasive Species Profiles

Making Waves Curriculum (Grade 4)

Maryland DNR AIS Education Project