Rapid Response Kit

Rapid Response Kit

Wildlife Forever is committed to helping communities slow the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species and empowering best management practices for wise public use of America’s natural resources. With this new RAPID RESPONSE KIT, Wildlife Forever gives agencies, organizations and communities across the country the tools to quickly communicate about an infestation.

This kit will help you:
• send out an urgent warning that a local lake has been infested with a specific Aquatic Invasive Species
• educate the affected public as to what they can – and should – do in this event to help prevent the further spread of the species

Rapid Response Kit Webinar

Press Releases

Press releases are an effective first step in spreading the word of a new infestation without breaking the bank to reach your target audience. We have prepared press releases for your use. With our tailored copy, your press release will let you build trust and authority with the public.


The media frenzy of The Super Bowl and unveiling of new commercials is proof of the effectiveness of television marketing. Partnering with the US Forest and Wildlife Forever, the Clean Drain Dry Initiative created new video content and public service announcements (PSAs) for television. These ground-ready PSAs are available to air in your local area. PSA’s are available in both broadcast and web quality versions.

Radio PSAs

Connecting with sportsmen and women through radio is a vital tool in complementing marketing and outreach campaigns. Public service radio ads deliver regionally targeted messages to tailored demographics and interest groups. We can help you customize these 30 second radio PSAs to sound in your local area. We have created radio ads for the following species:

Social Media

Digital Advertising

Smart phone apps, pop-up ads and Facebook have become the “new normal” for interacting and communicating in the digital age. Clean Drain Dry Initiative partners have embraced the opportunity to expand invasive species outreach through cutting edge techniques reaching new and younger user groups. Posts with attention grabbing visuals and minimal text have the ability to go viral!
These Facebook ads are available for any species upon request.

We have created digital banner ads in 3 sizes: 300×600, 300×25 and 728×80. These are currently available for any species.

Print Advertising

Highway Billboards

Print advertising in state game and fish regulations, national outdoor magazines, local newspapers and county shoppers, works to reinforce the Clean Drain Dry message. Through repetition and increased awareness of the action-based prevention brand, the public learns to Clean Drain Dry. Print advertising not only has the ability to be extremely targeted but also highly cost effective.

America’s highways have long been prime targets for outdoor marketing. Billboards undeniably are recognized and send a big message if done right. As a highly cost effective and targeted method for educating the public, Clean Drain Dry Initiative partners have utilized billboards to reach over One Billion aquatic invasive species prevention impressions.

Community Engagement Tools

Cleaning Stations

Boots on the ground outreach and education is by far the most effective method in changing behavior among boater, anglers, and other recreational users. By combining signage and other traditional marketing tools with personal contact and commitments at the public access, community events and fairs, you can turn the Clean Drain Dry message into action.
Brochure, Posters, Signs, post card mailers, and more…

Empower boater action to stop invasive species with user operated CD3 Watercraft Cleaning Stations.  Station are a water-less, low maintenance cleaning system that offers free public use to lake users. CD3 watercraft Cleaning stations are outfitted with a cellular connection so integrated software can monitor the usage of different tools and send you optional alerts. For users, the stations offer a WiFi platform that can host customized messaging about the lake, instructional videos, AIS watch list species and information on how to report AIS.


The Clean Drain Dry Team stands ready to assist and help. We’re stronger together!

Let’s partner in the battle against the silent invaders.