Wildlife Forever Develops Risk Assessment for Invasive Species

Contact: Zach Burnside – ZBurnside@WildlifeForever.org

White Bear Lake, MN – In a groundbreaking initiative, Wildlife Forever, with the Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), has developed an Invasive Species Risk Assessment tool designed to identify invasive species threats while offering mitigation strategies to prevent spread.  In collaboration with western field offices of the BLM, a pilot risk assessment was conducted on a total of 12 public access points. The resulting report includes strategic placement of boat cleaning stations, informational signage, and recommendations to better engage the public and protect western waters.

Aquatic invasive species pose a significant threat to our nation’s water bodies. The collaboration between Wildlife Forever and the BLM marks a critical step forward in combatting this ecological challenge. The project identified several significant threats from inbound and outbound vectors of invasive species spread and developed site-specific recommendations to mitigate their risk.

The newly published Risk Assessments and Site Prescriptions pilot report reflects a meticulous process of research, analysis, and strategic thinking, to enhance the Department of Interior’s decision-making process for funding invasive species prevention. By tailoring mitigation strategies at selected access points, custom solutions for safeguarding fisheries and recreational opportunities promote wise use and responsible outdoor recreation.

“This project signifies a critical milestone in the ongoing efforts to stop the spread of invasive species,” said Zach Burnside, invasive species program coordinator. “Invasive species are here, and they threaten all lakes and rivers. We are grateful for the agencies leadership and look forward to expanding this important Risk Assessment process to more public lands and waters.”

Wildlife enthusiasts, site managers, and policymakers are encouraged to access the report and learn about the strategies that can collectively make a difference in combating the spread of aquatic invasive species. For more information about the project, its findings, and access to the report, please visit this link.

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