Wildlife Forever Supports Bipartisan Youth Coastal Fish Program Act

For Immediate Release

Contact: Addison Motta AMotta@WildifeForever.org

White Bear Lake, MN – Wildlife Forever proudly announces its support for the bipartisan Youth Coastal Fishing Program Act of 2023. This groundbreaking legislation aims to engage underserved youth in recreational fishing while teaching about the importance of conservation and marine science. Wildlife Forever is committed to fisheries conservation and empowering the next through programming like the Art of Conservation® Fish Art Contest.

“We firmly believe art is a powerful gateway to education and hands-on experiences to shape the conservation leaders of tomorrow. This legislation strongly aligns with the Art of Conservation® Fish Art Program and our commitment to connect young people with fishing, environmental awareness, and the importance of sustainable fishing practices. By engaging youth in these activities, we are cultivating a generation that will actively participate and help protect our resources for years to come,” said Pat Conzemius, President and CEO of Wildlife Forever.

Like the Fish Art Contest, The Youth Coastal Fish Program Act recognizes the significance of empowering the next generation with the knowledge and skills to become responsible stewards of our marine environments. By actively involving youth, the legislation seeks to foster a deep appreciation for the natural world and inspire a commitment to its long-term protection.

“The future of our oceans depends on the engagement and understanding of our youth. This legislation is a tremendous step forward in ensuring that our young generations are equipped with the knowledge and passion needed to conserve and sustain our coastal fisheries,” said Greg Jacoski, Executive Director of Research & Advocacy at the Guy Harvey Foundation.

Lisa Morse, Education Director of the International Game Fish Association, added, “We are proud to support this vital legislation and programming that emphasizes the importance of introducing young individuals to the wonders of fishing. By promoting responsible angling and instilling a conservation ethic, we are shaping a future where marine resources thrive.”

“Florida is home to some of the most diverse coastal habitats and fisheries in the world. Actively engaging our youth through educational programs is a vital investment in the future of our marine ecosystems. This legislation presents an incredible opportunity to inspire the next generation of conservationists and goes hand in hand with programs like the Fish Art Contest,” said Jessica McCawley, Marine Fisheries Management Director for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Wildlife Forever and its partners look forward to working closely with lawmakers, conservation organizations, and communities across the nation to advance the Youth Coastal Fish Program Act. By joining forces, they aim to ensure the success of this landmark legislation and secure a vibrant future for our coastal ecosystems and fisheries.

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