California Artist Wins Wildlife Forever Invader Crusader Award

For Immediate Release

Contact: Addison Motta

White Bear Lake, MN – Congratulations to Jihyo Kim of California, winner of the 2023 Fish Art Contest Invader Crusader Award. Kim’s depiction of silver carp is a stunning reminder that invasive species can look beautiful, but when improperly introduced they are one of the leading threats to native fish and wildlife.

The Invader Crusader Award is a component of the Art of Conservation Fish Art Contest, designed to educate youth about invasive species. To qualify for the award students must include an invasive species in their artwork, along with submitting a brief essay about their chosen species and their impact on fish and aquatic habitat.

“Kim’s piece is beautiful and serves as a good reminder about the impacts invasive carps can have. Silver Carp have disrupted numerous watersheds and impacted many communities,” said Addison Motta, Communications Manager for Wildlife Forever.

Silver Carp were originally brought to the US from eastern Asian in the 1970s to help control algae in southern U.S. fish farms. Flooding events in the 1990s allowed fish to escape and they have since made their way into major watersheds of the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio rivers. Silver carp can outcompete native fish and mussels for food sources, which impacts populations. Juveniles can be misidentified as baitfish and spread through improper disposal of live bait. Anglers are reminded to “Trash Unused Bait”. 

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