About Wildlife Forever

Conserving America's Fish and Wildlife

Our Mission is to conserve America’s outdoor heritage through conservation education, preservation of habitat, and management of fish and wildlife. Wildlife Forever is a 501(c)3 nonprofit conservation charity. Audits reveal 94% of all donations go directly to mission.

On December 10, 1987 Wildlife Forever was founded. With support from people like you, we have completed over 2,000 conservation and educational projects. Wildlife Forever is tireless in its efforts to conserve America’s Fish and wildlife while educating our children to become future stewards of our outdoor heritage.

Today, Wildlife Forever have three main focuses: the Clean Drain Dry Initiative, the Fish Art Contest and the Prairie City USA program. 

What We Do

Protect Our Lakes, Rivers, and Oceans

Clean Drain Dry Initiative

Have invasive species found your favorite boating, fishing, wildlife viewing or swimming spot?

Chances are you’re impacted by them whether you know it or not. They’ve invaded public waters, wilderness areas, national parks, refuges and backyards. Invasive plants, animals, and pathogens are changing the landscape, costing us billions and are reshaping our future. 

Since 2006, Clean Drain Dry, the national public awareness and education program, has reached over 1.9 Billion contacts.  Each year, through consistent messaging and targeted outreach marketing, Wildlife Forever is influencing people to take action at the boat ramps, on the trail and in the field. 

Create the Next Generation of Stewards

Fish Art Contest

The Fish Art Contest began in 1999, inspired by a child’s homework assignment. By integrating science with art and writing, young people develop a deep connection to nature, fish and aquatic conservation.

The Fish Art Contest serves as gateway program for new audiences to learn about fish and wildlife. With declining outdoor participation and reduced access to high quality natural resources, the contest serves as a model education and youth recruitment program for state and federal agencies, home-school networks, scouting organizations and educators across the nation. The Fish Art Contest’s goal is to build stewardship in the next generation.

To enter, young artists submit an original illustration of any species from the Official Fish List and written words about what they have learned.  Entries are due postmarked by March 31st each year.

Restore Critical Habitat

Prairie City USA

A new project by Wildlife Forever, Prairie to the People TM, is working to address the loss of  pollinators and prairie habitat in Minnesota and across the United States.

The mission of Prairie to the People TM is, “Building stronger communities through integrated prairie habitat, conservation best practices and civic leadership.” The program was created out of need to make prairie common again in a region where less than 1% of its original range remains, due to urban development and agricultural land use. This fragmentation has resulted in the drastic reduction and endangerment of wildlife and pollinators that still depend on prairie ecosystems for survival.

We Need Your Help

We give 94% of your donations back to the cause, which means we really need your help to preserve and protect fish and wildlife.

Your generous support of Wildlife Forever enables us to work with local grassroots organizations and lake associations, to fund fish and wildlife conservation projects across the nation. Together we are educating our kids and grandchildren building conservation stewardship in the next generation.

Become a Member

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Wildlife Forever has an annual membership category that’s just right for you. Choose to be a Contributor, Supporter, Associate, Eagle, Silver Eagle, Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle or Life Member.

Each level of membership is valuable and is rewarded with unique collectibles and Wildlife Forever gear.

Make Monthly Contributions

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Fireside Club is a monthly donor program, an idea suggested by some of our members. More and more supporters say they would prefer to make automatic monthly tax deductible donations from their credit or debit card rather than receive requests in the mail. It is an idea that benefits everyone.  Hats off to our Fireside Club members!

Make a One-Time Donation


You can help us support fish and wildlife conservation efforts across the country and we encourage you to commit to the future, to the next 30 years of conservation by making a tax-deductible donation today. You can take pride knowing you are part of America’s conservation success. Thank you.

Leave a Legacy

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The Wildlife Forever Legacy League is our way of thanking you for your future bequest or planned gift. Your bequest can provide a living memorial and tribute to both your generosity and concern for the future of America’s fish and wildlife