Fish Flag Award Winners 2022

Congratulations to our Fish Flag Contest Winners!

The Fish Flag Award was created in partnership between Wildlife Forever and the World Fish Migration Foundation. The award celebrates migratory fish and the free-flowing rivers they rely on. 


This Award was open to anyone between 5-18 years old. Winners were awarded in two age groups, Kindergarten – 6th grade (5-12 years old) and 7th-12th grade (13-18 years old). 

5 - 12 Years Old

13 - 18 Years Old

1st Place   Rose Li

Three Spined Stickleback | United States

1st Place   Yanjun Mao

Steelhead Trout | China

2nd Place   Elijah Massey

Smallmouth Bass | United States

2nd Place   Alex Yang

Largemouth Bass | United States

3rd Place   Claire Chou

Dorado | United States

3rd Place   Jeason Junior Idjoumet

Carangidae | Gabon