Educator’s Corner

Wildlife Forever's FISH ART Contest

Thank you for your interest in incorporating the Fish Art Contest into your classroom!

Combining the two disciplines of science and art, the program uses ART as a springboard into the watery world of fish.

To show our appreciation to our teachers, Wildlife Forever offers free return shipping of students’ artwork and a certificate of participation for each student. Thank you for all of the work you do!

Fish On!

The goal at the heart of the Fish Art Program is creating the future stewards of our lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans. We believe that the education students receive in their classroom is key to creating the next stewards of our world!

To help incorporate aquatic conservation into your classroom Wildlife Forever developed the free Fish On! Lesson Plan. This lesson plan is written for educators teaching grades four through twelve, but can easily be modified to include K-3.  Our curriculum is customizable so teachers can choose which exercises they want to offer their students.

You do not need to use our curriculum when helping your students enter the Fish Art Contest, we do ask that through the program you can help advance the ideas of aquatic conservation.

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2021 Educator of the Year

Amanda Dilenge

 Educator | Theresa Bunker Elementary School | Idaho Falls, ID

Amanda Dilenge is an inspirational 5th grade teacher at Theresa Bunker Elementary School in Idaho Falls. Amanda has been selected as the 2021 Richard M. Hart Educator of the Year for her outstanding work and commitment to connecting students to the outdoors. 

“Thank you for this wonderful award. I am honored to have been chosen. I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to teach children to love the world around them. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s environmental ambassadors, leaders, and heroes,” remarked award winner, Amanda DiLenge.

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