Western Native Trout Award Winners 2024

Congratulations to our Western Native Trout Award Winners!

Created in partnership with the Western Native Trout Initiative to celebrate the diversity and raise awareness of the importance of protecting, conserving and restoring native trout and char species in the western United States.

K-3rd Grade

4th-6th Grade

7th-9th Grade

10th-12th Grade

1st Place  Vivian Zhu

1st Vivian Zhu GBCTT WA

1st Place  Riann Lee

1st Riann Lee Grayling CA

1st Place  Nayeon Park

1st Apache Trout_Nayeon_Park (1)

1st Place  Hannah Jung

1st Hannah Jung Char WA

2nd Place  Hannah Zhang

2nd Hannah Zhang Greenback CTT NY

2nd Place  Iris Xiong

2nd Iris Xiong YSCTT IL

2nd Place  Jayden Zhang

2nd Jayden Zhang GBCTT NJ

2nd Place Daniella Wu

2nd Daniella Wu YSCTT VA

3rd Place Lahini Walpita

3rd Lahini Walpita CTT CA

3rd Place Minji Kim

Minji Kim YSCTT 3 CA

3rd Place Khloe Ro

Khloe Ro GT CA

3rd Place Cortney Greer

3rd Cortney Greer YSCTT CA