Fish Habitat Writing Award Winners 2024

Congratulations to our Fish Habitat Writing Award Winners!

Created alongside the National Fish Habitat Partnership to raise awareness of the importance of protecting, restoring and enhancing fish habitat and aquatic communities.

The Fish Habitat Award was awarded to the top contestants that best answered the question “Why do you think it is important to protect our lakes, rivers, estuaries, and coastlines?” or shared the importance of conservation in their creative writing.

K-3rd Grade

4th-6th Grade

7th-9th Grade

10th-12th Grade

1st Place  Liam Cho


Annabelle Hu_fish essay

1st Place  Avah Longo

North Carolina

Avah Longo

1st Place  Ellisyn Rogers

North Carolina

1ST Ellisyn Rogers

1st Place  Heidi Lin


1ST Heidi Lin MI

2nd Place  Sundara Pandiyan


2nd Kaviyakayal Sundara Pandiyan Ohio

2nd Place  Eva Hughes

North Carolina 

Eva Hughes

2nd Place  Quinn Bortle

North Carolina

2ND Quinn Bortle

2nd Place  Khalia Reid

West Virginia

2ND Khalia Reid WV_Page_1

3rd Place Stefanie Jin


3rd Stefanie Jin Maryland

3rd Place Harry Roy

North Carolina

Harry Roy (1)

3rd Place Delainey Burke

North Carolina

Delainey Burke

3rd Place Karley Salcedo – Rios


Art fish contest, Grade 12