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Many tick-borne diseases are extremely dangerous and often fatal if gone unchecked. Deadly ticks are everywhere.

At, the Tick-Borne Illness Information Center is dedicated to education on the diseases, on the symptoms, on the ticks and on all of the solutions and cures to protect your family.

Please arm yourself with information to protect the ones you love.

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Invaders of the Great Lakes Pocket Guide

The pocket guide is your resource to know what to look for when out boating or fishing. It features some of the most dangerous aquatic hitchhikers. It includes information on what they are, how they affect you and your favorite pastimes and how you can help stop their spread.

This 152 page booklet is the perfect tackle box addition. It features 39 aquatic invasive species, how they impact you and the environment and tips on how to stop the spread.

QR codes are also included to link you to different resources on the web.

This little book gives you everything you need to know about how to Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers.

This book is available at all major bookstores for $6.95.

State-Fish Art

Wildlife Forever’s STATE-FISH ART Contest is an amazingly successful conservation education program combining ART and WRITING to catch the imagination of students and SCIENCE to foster discovery of the natural world … increasing awareness of and respect for aquatic resources.

STATE-FISH ART has two primary components:

1) The comprehensive State-Fish Art Lesson Plan, FISH ON! for students in grades K-12. The full lesson plan is available free online or WE WILL SEND YOU A CD at no charge..

2) A national art contest which serves as an outreach initiative and showcase for youth in the arts. Upon completion of the lesson plan students will have gained an understanding of a fish’s anatomy, behavior, and habitat needs, as well as an increased appreciation of the arts.

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Invasive Species

Whether you are a wildlife watcher, camper, hiker or you like to hunt and fish, your favorite outdoor past-time is being threatened.

Invasive/non-native species are destroying the habitat and food sources of America’s fish and wildlife.

Wildlife Forever is a national leader in the fight against invasive species with the Threat Campaign.

The public is the first line of defense in stopping the spread of invasive species on land and in the water. Wildlife Forever’s Threat Campaign is an efficient and effective public awareness and education outreach effort designed to enlist the support of the public and encourage them to take action.

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Make Outdoor Learning Fun with Critter Books

Wildlife Forever’s Critter Books profile wildlife and bird species native to a particular state. Each pocket sized book is a wonderful “carry everywhere” guide that educates entire families and communities. As students use their new Critters pocket guides in their backyard or on family trips, they share their enthusiasm, impacting more individuals with the message of conservation.

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Wildlife Forever CD-ROM Curriculum

The Wildlife Forever CD-ROM Curriculum is an innovative conservation education supplement that teaches students about a variety of wildlife species, natural resources, ecological concepts, and conservation.

The lessons in the Wildlife Forever CD-ROM Curriculum are interdisciplinary and incorporate subjects such as vocabulary, math, science, and language arts. They are designed to be user-friendly for educators with little experience teaching about wildlife or conservation.

The CD-ROM offers students the opportunity to view and hear 60 species of wildlife in their native habitat.

The Wildlife Forever CD-ROM Curriculum accompanies these 60 species profiles with 14 fun lesson plans that offer valuable knowledge of the environment, the functions of ecosystems, and the history of conservation to impart a feeling of personal responsibility for the wonders of nature.

Join Wildlife Forever in preparing tomorrow’s conservationists in the classrooms of today!