Critter Books

Make Outdoor Learning Fun!

Each of Wildlife Forever’s Critter Books is a wonderful “carry everywhere” guide profiling wildlife and bird species native to a particular state.

A particular strength of the Critters Pocket Guide Series is how it educates entire families and communities. As students use their new Critters pocket guides in their backyard or on family trips, they share their enthusiasm, impacting more individuals with the message of conservation.

The easy-to-use, hands-on format of the guide fosters an interest in wild things and wild places, resulting in greater awareness and appreciation of wildlife in urban, suburban, and rural areas alike.

  • Each species profile contains a color photograph and information on habitat, home range, physical characteristics, plus feeding and reproductive behavior.
  • The profile also includes a segment titled “Did You Know” highlighting interesting facts such as speed, defense mechanisms, population trends and status.
  • Each Critter Book covers 50 species found in a particular state. some of more fun species you’ll find are: bobcat, chipmunk, elk, fox, mink, moose, red-tailed hawk, American coot and bald eagle.
  • In addition to the 50 species profiles, Critters pocket guides contain space to record and list dates, times, places as well as notes when species are sighted; an eight page glossary of wildlife terms; and a ruler along the back cover to measure length and width of wildlife tracks.

Partners Wanted For New State Critter Books

Wildlife Forever has an established partnership with Adventure Publications (AP) for the development of the Critters Pocket Guide Series.

Wildlife Forever underwrites the cost of researching and writing new state guides while AP underwrites the costs of layout and design. As a result, local partners are able to obtain and distribute the high-quality youth pocket guides to local students in a very cost-effective manner.

Prices range from $1 to $1.50 based on quantity. Quantity reprints of existing titles are also available with sponsorship opportunities on the cover.

Contact Pat Conzemius at: 763-253-0222 for more information.