Our Mission

To conserve America’s wildlife heritage through conservation education, preservation of habitat and management of fish and wildlife.

Our Legacy

Wildlife Forever is a 501(c)3 nonprofit conservation charity. Audits reveal 94% of all donations go directly to mission.   Since 1987, Wildlife Forever has funded conservation works in all 50 states and Canada with more than 1,500 projects throughout North America.

Wildlife Forever is America’s leading all-species conservation charity.

From brown bear research in Alaska to artificial reefs off the coast of Florida, from habitat reclamation in Maine to salmon stocking in California, Wildlife Forever has benefited countless species across America.

You’ll find our conservation projects in every state. Over 1,500 projects and counting.

Discover projects in your State

Our multi-species conservation vision is unique, supporting both fish and critters and the wild places they inhabit. No matter which species is your favorite, chances are Wildlife Forever has been there to help ensure healthy and diverse populations.

In addition to our grassroots conservation projects across America, Wildlife Forever is a visionary leader in conservation education for children. Our belief is that conservation education will ultimately determine the future of America’s wildlife heritage.

Learn more about these conservation education programs for children:

State Fish Art

Racing for Wildlife

Critter Pocket Guide

Wildlife Forever's
Clean Drain Dry Initiative

Our educational efforts also include adults. As our nation’s leader in the fight against invasive/non-native species, Wildlife Forever’s highly acclaimed Clean Drain Dry Initiative reaches millions of outdoor enthusiasts each year.

The public is the first line of defense in stopping the spread of invasive species on land and in the water. Clean Drain Dry is an efficient and effective public awareness and education outreach effort designed to enlist the support of the public and encourage them to take action.

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