DVDs and Programming

Defending Favorite Places
Educational DVD focused on how hunters and anglers can stop the spread.

Playing Smart Against Invasive Species
Educational DVD for bikers, hikers even horseback riders on tips for preventing the spread.

Silent Invaders
Award winning television Series features 7, 30 minute programs on invasive species. Sea Lamprey, zebra mussels, Asian carp, Round Gobies, St. Lawrence Seaway, Lake Michigan and Eurasian Watermilfoil. Bonus disc includes: 8 – Broadcast Ready public service announcements.

Books, Brochures & Lesson Plans

Invaders of the Great Lakes Book
This handy pocket guide guide spotlights 39 invasive species and details how they live grow, reproduce and spread. Perfect for the boat or tackle box.

Protect Our Waters & Waterfowl Habitats Brochures
Brochures for outdoor enthusiasts and sportsmen help educate and identify harmful invasive species and provide critical information to Clean Drain Dry.

Fish On! DVD

Featuring the Invader Crusader Lesson Plan which is part of the State-Fish Art Contest for K-12 youth. Draw and learn about invasive species.