2021 Winners

2022 winners will be announced Friday, May 20!

Congratulations to all of our 2021 Fish Art Contest Winners!

Thank you for your participation in the Fish Art Contest.

Best of Show Award Winner

Sehyun Choi

Atlantic Tarpon | 11th Grade |  VA

VA - 1516 - Sehyun Choi - 11 - Atlantic Tarpon

Art of Conservation Award Winner

Anissa Gao

Rainbow Trout | 9th Grade |  NY

NY - 2183 - Annissa Gao - 9th - Rainbow Trout - 1st pl state

Top 12 National Winners

K-3rd Grade Division

1st – Lusia Gu

Garibaldi | Massachusetts 

MA -3041 - Luisa Gu - 3rd - Garibaldi - 1st pl state

2nd – Edison Lee 

Striped Bass | Maryland

MD - 1302 - Edison lee - 2nd - Striped Bass - 1st pl state

3rd – Lisa Hwang 

Bluegill | Texas

TX680 - TX - Lisa Hwang - 2nd - Bluegill - 1st pl state

4th-6th Grade Division

1st – Elaine Lin

Largemouth Bass | Arizona

AZ - 2034 - Elaine Lin - 4th - Largemouth Bass

2nd – Grace Cao 

Guadalupe Bass | Texas

TX219 - TX - Grace Cao - 5th - Guadalupe Bass - 1st pl state

3rd – Emma Feng

Atlantic Sailfish | Alabama

AL - 1846 - Emma Feng - 4th - White Marlin

7th-9th Grade Division

1st – Anissa Gao

Rainbow Trout | New York

NY - 2183 - Annissa Gao - 9th - Rainbow Trout - 1st pl state

2nd – Seohyun Lee

Northern Pike | Maryland

MD - 1521 - Seohyun Lee - 8th - Northern Pike - 1st pl state

3rd – Yihan Wang

Rainbow Trout | Michigan

MI - 1505 - Yihan Wang - 9th - Rainbow Trout

10th-12th Grade Division

1st – Sehyun Choi

Atlantic Tarpon | Virginia

VA - 1516 - Sehyun Choi - 11 - Atlantic Tarpon

2nd – Jingyi “Alana” Yang

Arctic Char | Washington

WA - 1807 - Jingyi 'Alana' Yang - 11th - Arctic Char

3rd – Jubilee Lin

Brook Trout | Arizona

AZ - 2166 - Jubilee Lin - 10th - Brook Trout

Honorable Mention – Yasmina Habib

Rainbow Trout | Michigan

MI - 2492 - Yasmina Habib - 9 - Rainbow Trout

Specialty Award Winners

Guy Harvey Award Winner

 Sehyun Choi

Atlantic Tarpon | 11th Grade | VA

VA - 1516 - Sehyun Choi - 11 - Atlantic Tarpon

Invader Crusader Award Winner

Bill Park

Bighead Carp | 11th Grade | NC

NC - 2473 - Bill Park - 11 - Bighead Carp

Smile Award Winner

Bohan Jin

Garibaldi | 3rd Grade | VA

VA - 1110 - Bohan Jin - 3- Garibaldi
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2021 US State Art Award Winners

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2021 International Winners

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2021 Essay Winners

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State Specialty Award Winners

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Richard Hart Educator of the Year Award Winner

Amanda DiLenge

5th Grade Teacher

Theresa Bunker Elementary School, Idaho

Her nominations were as follows:

Amanda is a dedicated outdoor individual. She regularly fishes, and loves fishing so much a few years ago she got involved with Idaho Fish and Games, Trout in the Classroom. This program partners with educators to teach kids about trout habitat, water quality and conservation. She went out and got a grant to buy her own equipment so she can take the program to whatever school she works at. Last year she planned and scheduled the entire elementary school she worked at to visit Yellowstone National Park, in shifts. Kids learned about all the various aspects of Yellowstone. She regularly teaches STEM school curriculum with real life outdoor relatable results. For instance a field trip to a river years ago where kids got to see freshwater bryozoan. She then bought certain biodegradable compounds and the kids made synthetic bryozoan in the class. She used to use the Bonneville Dam fish ladder live feed for fish identification class. And regularly does a recycling program.”

This educator goes above and beyond for her students. She pursued a grant to fund an opportunity for her students to raise Trout in the Classroom in collaboration with Idaho Fish and Game. Students have raised trout from egg to release for multiple years to help ensure there are fish for future generations of fly fishermen/women and to ensure student understand the value of the fish.  In past years she has been able to take students to the river to learn about water quality, macro-invertebrates, fish habitat, bryozoans, and she even provided fly fishing lessons for her classes. Not only has she provided a hands on opportunity for her students to learn about fish/fishing but she has allowed students to learn about watersheds and broad environmental issues. Students are encouraged to recycle, upcycle, prevent waste and protect nature. Mrs. DiLenge has a love of fishing, nature, and all things wildlife. Using her platform as a teacher she has been able to help future generations gain knowledge that will allow them to better our Earth and it’s systems.”

Winner - Amanda DiLenge Fishing

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