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For 25 years, Wildlife Forever has been working to ensure healthy, sustainable populations of all kinds of fish and wildlife. 

With successful conservation projects in every state, no matter which species is your favorite, chances are Wildlife Forever is there to help.

Wildlife Forever's grassroots conservation projects fall into four categories:

  • FISH AND WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT                                                Wildlife Forever has been involved in countless species re-introductions, bringing fish and wildlife back to the places they were once found.
  • HABITAT                                                                                                     Loss of living space is perhaps the greatest challenge facing both fish and wildlife. Millions of acres of wetlands and habitat are conserved across 34 states with the help of Wildlife Forever members and donors.
  • EDUCATION                                                                                             Wildlife Forever leads the nation in educating the public about the devastation caused by invasive species and recruiting to help prevent their spread,Our visionary conservation education programs for children include the      State-Fish Art Contest, the Critter Books pocket guide series and a 14 lesson CD-ROM Curriculum.
  • RESEARCH                                                                                               Every Wildlife Forever project is based on the solid scientific knowledge of biologists. Wildlife Forever is at the forefront of research efforts to better understand the complexities of fish and wildlife.

As a 501(c)3 charity, Wildlife Forever relies on the 

tax-deductible donations, memberships and purchases 

of those with a passion for the outdoors.

News & Events

Students Win Top National Honors

 Students Win Top National Honors

in 17th Annual State-Fish Art Contest

Maryland student "Best of the Best"

Winners of Wildlife Forever’s State-Fish Art Contest and their families assembled in Hot Springs, Arkansas on August 21 and 22 at the Forrest Wood Cup, the world championship of bass fishing. Hosted by Title Sponsor FLW,


Announcing 2015 Educator of the Year


Jennifer Brooks has been named Wildlife Forever's State-Fish Art 2015 Educator of the Year. A pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5 Art Specialist at Felix G. Botello Elementary in Dallas, Texas, she is being recognized for her significant contribution to youth conservation education.

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