Songbird Essay Winners

Congratulations to all of our 2021 Songbird Art Contest Essay Winners!

Thank you for participating in the first-ever Songbird Art Contest. Our judges were so impressed with the quality of submissions. We hope to see you back next year!

Top 12 National Winners

K-3rd Grade Division

1st – Shriya Kale

3rd Grade | New Jersey

Songbird Essay Winners_Page_01

2nd – Cecilia Song

3rd Grade | British Columbia

Cecilia Song Essay (1)

3rd – Clair Peng

1st Grade | Arizona

Songbird Essay Winners_Page_02

4th-6th Grade Division

1st – Emily Liu

4th Grade | Virginia

Songbird Essay Winners_Page_03

2ndJulie McNamara

4th Grade | Nebraska

Songbird Essay Winners_Page_04

3rd – Lena Ahn

4th Grade | Washington

Songbird Essay Winners_Page_05

7th-9th Grade Division

1st – Sarah Li

7th Grade | Virginia

Songbird Essay Winners_Page_06

2nd – Ashley Ding

9th Grade | Virginia

Songbird Essay Winners_Page_07

3rd – Gemma Shi

7th Grade | Virginia

Songbird Essay Winners_Page_08

10th-12th Grade Division

1st – Olivia Zhang

11th Grade | Virginia

Songbird Essay Winners_Page_09

2ndNia Maheshwari

11th Grade | Tennessee

Songbird Essay Winners_Page_10

3rd – Shannen Wang

10th Grade | Georgia

Songbird Essay Winners_Page_11

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