Wild Turkeys in Pottowatomie County

Posted Wednesday May 31, 2017 by wf_admin

Thanks in part to your support, there are many more wild turkeys in Pottowatomie County, Kansas. The area around the Jeffrey Energy Center complex is generally upland pasture and the complex only utilizes 640 of 11,000 acres. While the habitat and waters supplies were in very good condition, with a little modification, the area would include prime wild turkey habitat. Part of that modification included planting 20 acres with alfalfa and oats to provide additional “loafing”, nesting and brooding habitat. Once the habitat was ready, 150 hybrid (Eastern-Rio) wild turkeys were live trapped from Chase County and released in two designated sites. Prior to their release the turkeys were all banded and a representative sample was fitted with radio transmitters. Information gathered from these efforts is being used to guide similar projects.