Wetlands Increase By 1,200 Acres

Posted Monday July 24, 2017 by wf_admin

The total acreage of wetlands and marshes in Ohio recently increased by more than 1,200 acres, thanks to support from Wildlife Forever. The project took place within the Mosquito Creek and Grand River Wildlife Areas, located within an hour’s drive of half of Ohio’s population, making it one of the most visible wildlife habitat improvement projects in the region. To improve the wetlands and marshes, several water-control structures were installed in existing draining ditches. A total of nearly 250 bird species have been documented in the area, including two active bald eagle nests. Migrating waterfowl also use the area as they travel through the region. River otters can be found on the lands, as well. The wetlands are also recognized for improving water quality and increasing fish populations in the region.