Walleye Rearing Improves Stocking

Posted Monday July 24, 2017 by wf_admin

Your support was a part of a $5,000 challenge grant that added 150,000 walleye fingerlings to Big Bay and Little Bay in Michigan’s Bay de Noc region. The funds were used to assist with the rearing of the fingerlings that were then stocked into public waters. This was a model conservation project. A portion of the funding was used for yeast at two walleye rearing ponds. The yeast fed plankton in the ponds and the walleye fry in turn fed on the plankton as they grew into healthy fingerlings ready for stocking. This food chain management approach was supported with the technical assistance of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Furthermore, the Department’s studies have shown that because of the higher rate of survival for fingerlings compared to fry, the time and money spent growing the walleyes is well worth the costs.