Students and Shad Share Classroom

Posted Monday July 24, 2017 by wf_admin

Shad and students in many Maryland schools shared classrooms for months as part of a creative program that teaches conservation. The students learned about conservation and increased the number of shad in the Chesapeake Bay region thanks to support from Wildlife Forever. Nearly 2,000 students involved in the “Schools in Schools” program released 75,000 shad larvae into rivers and streams in their areas. Teachers and students receive training on rearing the shad. When the shad reached a required growth stage, students transported the developing fish to a pre-designated site and released the larvae into the water. The effort has helped to increase the number of shad that migrate into Chesapeake Bay and back into tributary streams. This project is a great example of Wildlife Forever’s educational mission to teach conservation to the next generation of stewards of our fish and wildlife heritage.