More Turkeys on Public Hunting Land

Posted Wednesday May 31, 2017 by wf_admin

There are more wild turkeys strutting and gobbling in the Daniel Boone National Forest thanks to your support. The Craney Ridge project improved habitat for wild turkey, white-tailed deer and many other wildlife species by establishing woodland ponds and by improving forest openings. More than 225 acres of habitat were improved by various methods. The woodland ridgetop ponds are providing reliable water resources when local streams dry up in the summer months. The Daniel Boon National Forest is the largest area of public hunting land in the state. The Morehead Ranger district provides individuals with more than 117,000 acres of public land that is open to hunting, hiking and wildlife viewing. A tract of 7,600 acres is designated for primitive weapons hunting and is quite popular. Visit the Daniel Boone National Forest web site: