Member’s Suggestion Leads to Wetland Restoration

Posted Monday July 24, 2017 by wf_admin

As an outdoor enthusiast and long time member of Wildlife Forever, Ron Stone had a problem. Really it was Oregon’s problem but Ron took it personally. Winter rains had caused a “disastrous flood”. The wildlife area of Sauvie Island was hit hard, destroying a variety of water control structures and with them 2,000 acres of wetlands crucial to migratory birds. Ron first contacted Wildlife Forever. Then he contacted the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife conveying Wildlife Forever’s willingness to help. The project included construction of a 100-foot by 8-foot high earthen dam, 80 feet of culvert along with various water controls, repair of an existing pump station plus the addition of a second pump station. Thanks to Ron’s efforts and the support of Wildlife Forever members, nearly 2,000 acres of wetlands were restored and enhanced.