Massachusetts’ First Official Dam Removal Helps Trout and Bass

Posted Monday July 24, 2017 by wf_admin

For the first time in one hundred years, the East Branch section of the Housatonic River in Dalton, Massachusetts flowed freely. With the help of Wildlife Forever, the first official dam removal in the state is now benefiting fish that rely on flowing water for survival. The Old Berkshire Mill Dam was constructed in 1910 and is approximately 15 feet high and 120 feet across. The dam had not been used for many years and the dam’s owner discovered that it was leaking around the spillway. It was decided that removal would be better for the river. For the dam removal, Bob Durand, Massachusetts Secretary of Environmental Affairs, was on hand to assist with the actual removal of the barrier. Removing the dam has restored approximately one-half of the river to free-flowing condition, suitable for trout, bass, and other fish species. In addition, work has been completed on stabilizing the riverbanks.