Improving 10,000 Acres in Mississippi Delta

Posted Monday July 24, 2017 by wf_admin

An aggressive restoration project improved more than 10,000 acres of wetlands on private lands in the Mississippi Delta, thanks to support from Wildlife Forever. The project assisted landowners with installing 250 water control structures, reforesting 100 acres of marginal agricultural land, improving 1,500 acres of wildlife habitat, and providing assistance regarding wetland conservation practices. The restoration and management of wetland hydrology on more than 10,000 acres provided a direct increase in foraging habitat for such sensitive species as the bald eagle, peregrine falcon, and wood stork (see picture). Many other species are also benefiting from improvements in habitat quality and increases in habitat diversity, including the northern pintail, blue-winged teal, American bittern, common loon, American alligator, and the Louisiana black bear.