Improved Fishing At Lake O’ The Pines

Posted Monday July 24, 2017 by wf_admin

The support of Wildlife Forever members like you was used to improve the fishing on Lake O’ The Pines near Jefferson, Texas. This grass roots project used discarded Christmas trees to enhance fish habitat on this man-made lake. The Lake O’ The Pines Civic Association provided all of the volunteer labor to complete the project. Lag screws were added to the base of each tree. The trees were then secured in small buckets of cement which provided the necessary weight to move the trees to the bottom of the reservoir and have them stand upright. State biologists were brought in to consult on the best locations for sinking the discarded trees. The trees provide a suitable but temporary habitat for fish. As a result, the Association has made this project an annual effort on the 18,700 acre body of water.