Fishing Returns to Slade’s Lake

Posted Monday July 24, 2017 by wf_admin

Residents of Edgefield, South Carolina didn’t know what Brazilian Elodea was or where it came from. All they knew for sure was the water plant had choked their popular Slade’s Lake. The weeds became so thick, the lake was unfishable. While the lake was dying, the Edgefield County Bass Club developed a plan and Wildlife Forever helped make it a reality. Step one was to kill as much of the Elodea as possible. This required three treatments of an approved herbicide. Grass carp were then introduced into the lake to prevent future infestations. Adding artificial fish habitats plus the stocking of 15,000 blue gill and shell cracker fry completed the plan. Today, the residents of Edgefield still know very little about Brazilian Elodea. Thanks in part to the support of Wildlife Forever’s members, they probably never will.