Emergency Action Battles Drought

Posted Monday July 24, 2017 by wf_admin

A trout hatchery near Renovo, Pennsylvania was facing the worst drought conditions in more than four decades. The water supply for the hatchery had slowed to a trickle and hatchery operators predicted it was only hours before fish started dying off. Wildlife Forever and FishAmerica Foundation raced to the rescue – purchasing a water aeration system and piping for the Laurelly Fork Trout Nursery – and local volunteers from the Western Clinton Sportsmen’s Association (WCSA) provided the labor to complete the project. In the fall, the hatchery released 12,000 healthy “catchable size” trout in north central Pennsylvania. “Had it not been for the joint grant from Wildlife Forever and FishAmerica,” explains James Nevins from the WCSA, “All 12,000 trout would have been lost!”