Downeast Maine Forestry Partnership: 27,000 Acres and Counting

Posted Wednesday May 31, 2017 by wf_admin

As 2004 came to a close, Wildlife Forever and our partners, the New England Forestry Foundation and the Downeast Lakes Land Trust, took the first step in a monumental conservation project. . . the purchase of more than 27,000 acres in Downeast Maine. The next step is creating conservation easements on better than 300,000 acres. The recent purchase will protect for all time the lands and waters to the southwest of West Grand Lake. The project area is home to world-class smallmouth bass fishing and land-locked salmon. Other species that will benefit are bald eagles, moose, deer, black bear and over 130 species of song birds and waterfowl. By purchasing the development rights to the land in the form of easements, the magnificent landscape will remain sustainable working forests, protecting the local economy and ensuring that public access for fishing, hunting, camping, wildlife watching will forever be available.