Conservation Education Mateials Teach “Nature’s Classroom”

Posted Saturday May 27, 2017 by wf_admin

Students in Indiana have increased access to knowledge about fish, wildlife, and natural resources thanks to a donation of 100 copies of each the “Wildlife Forever CD ROM Curriculum” and the “State-Fish Art Lesson Plan” to the Arrow Head Country’s Resource Conservation & Development committee. Educators who participated in the committee’s “Nature’s Classroom” workshop received copies of both curriculums and are currently using the materials to educate students about fish, wildlife, key ecological concepts, and the need to conserve America’s abundant natural resources. The “Wildlife Forever CD ROM Curriculum” contains 14 fun lesson plans that can be incorporated into a number of different disciplines, including language arts, science, math, and social studies. The “State-Fish Art Lesson Plan” provides important lessons on fish and the need to conserve aquatic habitats. Wildlife Forever is proud to forge partnerships to educate America’s youth about stewardship and America’s conservation legacy.