2,100 More Acres of Wetlands

Posted Monday July 24, 2017 by wf_admin

Ducks and geese in the Missouri have 2,100 more acres of wetlands thanks in part to your support. The Nodaway River Valley is located in an intensely farmed region and most of the historic wetlands have been drained. To restore the wetlands, 12 new pools were constructed. Native vegetation was also planted that included 91 acres of wet prairie, 142 acres of shrub, 1,867 acres of emergent marsh and 80 acres of open water. The Nodaway Valley conservation Area is managed for multiple uses including public hunting. The four public blinds and the easily wade-able pools are a real draw for hunters. Birders love the area because the diversity of habitat draw a large number of species. The next time you are looking for prime waterfowl hunting, head up to northwestern Missouri and take advantage of your donations at work.