150,000 Atlantic Salmon Stocked

Posted Wednesday May 31, 2017 by wf_admin

Your donations were used to support the restoration of Atlantic salmon in Maine. In response to the decline of Maine’s native Atlantic salmon populations, the Saco River Salmon Club built a low-cost, locally run fish hatchery. In its very first year, the hatchery successfully raised over 150,000 Atlantic salmon from eggs to feeding fry. These were released into the Saco River. The hatchery is capable of producing up to 1.2 million fry at full capacity. The Saco River basin includes 900 square miles in New Hampshire and more than 800 square miles in Maine. Wildlife Forever’s $7,000 challenge grant was used to support day-to-day operations. You can take a virtual tour of the salmon hatchery online at the Club’s web site.