Go Fish Georgia Award

The Go Fish! Georgia Award was created to celebrate those fish species that can be found in the state of Georgia which are commonly sought by anglers.  The fish represented must be an official state-fish species that can be found in Georgia, either currently or historically (see list of eligible species below).  However, it does NOT have to be one of the three state-fish of Georgia. The artwork is chosen based on how well our judges feel it represents the fish and/or fishing in the great state of Georgia.  The artists who receive this award will have copies of their artwork placed on display, alongside our state winners, at the Go Fish Education Center in Perry, Georgia.

2020 Winners

Richard Lu

234 Richard Lu 1st Georgia- GFG

Largemouth Bass | Grades K-3

Dash Cary

210 Dash Cary 6th Georgia- GFG

Walleye | Grades 4-6

Aaron Shi

193 Aaron Shi 7th Georgia- GFG

Channel Catfish | Grades 7-9

Caroline Henderson

224 Caroline Henderson 10th Georgia- GFG

Largemouth Bass | Grades 10-12