Fish Migration Award Winners

Congratulations to our Fish Migration Award Winners!

The Fish Migration Award was created in partnership between Wildlife Forever and the World Fish Migration Foundation with support from the USDA Forest Service. The award celebrates migratory fish and the free-flowing rivers they rely on. Winning artists will be celebrated on World Fish Migration Day on October, 24th 2020. 


This Award was open to anyone between 5-18 years old. We received over 2,700 qualifying entries for this award from 27 countries. Winners were awarded in two age groups, 5-12 years old (Kindergarten – 6th grade) and 13-18 years old (7th-12th grade). 

1st Place

Kelly Zhong

GA - #199 - 2nd pl - Kelly Zhong - 4th gr - Steelhead Trout

Steelhead Trout | Age 5 – 12 years | Georgia, USA

Elizabeth Hwang

WA - #2074 - 2nd pl - Elizabeth Hwang - 10th - Arctic Char

Arctic Char | Age 13 – 18 years | Washington, USA

2nd Place

Deepshika De

#2529 - Deepshikha De - 4th - India - Steelhead Trout

Steelhead Trout | Age 5 – 12 years | India

JanetLou Guan

MA- #2831 - Janet Lou Guan - 8th - Steelhead Trout

Steelhead Trout | Age 13 – 18 years | Massachusetts, USA

3rd Place

Eli Sherman

SC - #1916 - 3rd place FMA - Eli Sherman - 6th - King Salmon

Chinook Salmon | Age 5 – 12 years | South Carolina, USA

Dahyun Kang

CA - #2598 - 1st pl - Pahyun Kang - 11th - Rainbow Trout

Steelhead Trout | Age 13 – 18 years | California, USA

Winners of the Fish Migration Award will receive this Happy Fish Trophy in honor of their accomplishment!

Fish Migration Award Judges

Jeremy Wade, Host of River Monsters & Mighty Rivers TV Series, Animal Planet, Discovery & ITV

Richard Lee, Freshwater Communications Manager, WWF

Molly Payne Wynne, Senior Freshwater Scientist, TNC Maine

David Gould, Director of the Department of Marine and Environmental Affairs, Town of Plymouth

Klaas van de Eeren, TV Presenter and Comedian in the Netherlands

Photo (c) Sander Boer

Will Millard, Writer and Presenter

Herman Wanningen, Creative Director and Founder, World Fish Migration Foundation

Nicole Friedman, Communications Fellow, World Fish Migration Foundation

Sjaan Bowie, Freshwater Technical Advisor, Department of Conservation—Te Papa Atawhai

Seat Kheang, Co-founder & General Coordinator, YEA Cambodia

GHustavo Távora, Educational Designer and Visual Artist, Imaginautas&CélulaMATER

Misty Mitchell, Director of Conservation Programs, Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium

Scott Barndt,  National Fish Program Leader, USDA Forest Service

Sandra Frost, Partnership Liaison, USDA Forest Service

 Nathaniel  Gillespie, Assistant National Fish Program Leader, USDA Forest Service

Greg Jacoski, Executive Director, Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation

 Craig Martin, Branch Chief of Aquatic Invasive Species, USFWS

 Chris Clayton, Editor in Chief, Minnesota Conservation Volunteer

Sam Koltinsky, Director of Legacy Development, Jay N. Darling Center

Jenny Anderson, Activist and Content Creator, Girl of 10,000 Lakes

Ray Gamradt, Wildlife Forever Board Member

Andy Schultz, Wildlife Forever Board Member

Doug Grann, Wildlife Forever Board Member

Scott Grieve,  Wildlife Forever Board Member

Nick Schmal, Wildlife Forever Board Member

Karen Hollingsworth, Previous Coordinator of the State-Fish Art Contest