2018 State-Fish Art Awards

If you notice any errors in your artwork or your name, we apologize and will happily fix it as soon as possible,
please contact Karen Hollingsworth at khollingsworth@statefishart.org to have your information updated.

State Winners

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1st Place (K-12)

2nd Place (K-12)

3rd Place (K-12)

International (K-12)

National Winners

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Seth Thomas Spradlin Best of Show

Ian Oh | Grade 10 | California

Art Top 12

Fish Make You Smarter Top 12

Invader Crusader

Mark Acker | Grades 7-9 | West Virginia | The invasive is Hydrilla (the plant) & the native is the fish humph,unukunukuapoa’a

Art of Conservation

Angelina Drost | South Carolina | American Shad

Smile Award

Vritika Gupta | New Jersey | Grades K-3 | Brook Trout

People's Choice Award