2018 State-Fish Art Awards

If you notice any errors in your artwork or your name, we apologize and will happily fix it as soon as possible,
please contact us at info@wildlifeforever.org  to have your information updated.

State Winners

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1st Place (K-12)

2nd Place (K-12)

3rd Place (K-12)

International (K-12)

National Winners

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Seth Thomas Spradlin Best of Show

Ian Oh | Grade 10 | California

Art Top 12

Fish Make You Smarter Top 12

Invader Crusader

Mark Acker | Grades 7-9 | West Virginia | The invasive is Hydrilla (the plant) & the native is the fish humph,unukunukuapoa’a

Art of Conservation

Angelina Drost | South Carolina | American Shad

Smile Award

Vritika Gupta | New Jersey | Grades K-3 | Brook Trout

People's Choice Award