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Wildlife Forever's STATE-FISH ART Contest

Wildlife Forever’s State-Fish Art Contest is an exciting, multimedia conservation education program designed to increase awareness of and respect for aquatic resources helping create STEWARDSHIP.

STEWARDSHIP: The responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving.

Combining the two disciplines of science and art, the program uses ART as a springboard into the watery world of fish.

Fish On!

The goal at the heart of the State-Fish Art Program is creating the future stewards of our lakes, rivers, streams and oceans. We believe that the EDUCATION students receive through Fish On! leads to the ACTION of entering the Contest and is a key to CREATING STEWARDSHIP!

The Fish On! Lesson Plan is written for educators teaching grades four through twelve, but can easily be modified to include K-3.  Our curriculum is customizable so teachers can choose which exercises they want to offer their students.

You do not need to use our curriculum when helping young people enter the State-Fish Art Contest, we do ask that through the program you can help advance the ideas of aquatic conservation.


How to Enter the Contest

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2018 Educator of the Year

Erica Carlson

Art Educator | Tatanka STEM Elementary | Buffalo, Minnesota

Our school became a STEM school about 5 years ago. I started at this building 6 years ago and my head was full of ways to connect the arts to the science and engineering curriculum. At that time, we had a school wide theme called 10,000 Lakes. It was an interesting challenge to connect this theme through art. I was happy to learn about the State Fish Art Contest at a local convention and was excited that there was an authentic learning opportunity for the 4th and 5th graders (and fit perfectly into our school-wide theme).

My approach to the contest is different depending on their grade level. My 4th graders learn about watercolor pencils the first part of the school year. We practice this new medium and pick our fish. They have drawing lessons on fish making before getting watercolor paper and trying it on their own. I am always impressed with how they take on this new challenge independently and make beautiful fish pieces. Read More…

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