Since 1987, Wildlife Forever has provided funding to more than 1000 projects in 50 states plus Canada through private special interest conservation groups, state game and fish departments and federal agencies.

Wildlife Forever projects target research, management, land acquisition, and educational purposes. Special emphasis is placed upon grassroots programs. (Discover some of the projects done in your state). Species that have received direct benefit from past grants include: American bald eagle, billfish, black bear, blacktail deer, bluebirds, bluegill, Canada geese, catfish, coyote, crappie, ducks, elk, gray whale, great gray owl, grizzly bear, herons, kestrels, largemouth bass, Massasaqua rattle snake, moose, mule deer, muskie, otter, peregrine falcon, pheasant, prairie chicken, quail, ruffed grouse, salmon, sea bass, sonoran pronghorn, songbirds, striped bass, trout, trumpeter swan, walleye, white-tailed deer, wild turkey and the list goes on and on.

Partnerships are key to Wildlife Forever’s successes.

Highlights include:

  • Acquisition of 32,340 acres of land for public recreation.
  • Wetland Restoration of more than 29,400 acres.
  • Construction and placement of more than 9,224 bird and waterfowl nesting structures.
  • Research utilizing radio telemetry and global positioning system with elk, grizzly bear, white-tailed deer, black bear, bighorn sheep, moose, goshawks and coaster brook trout.
  • 132,420 trees planted in America’s national forests.
  • Stream improvements and riparian repair of over 194 miles.
  • Land Management practices including controlled burns, prairie restoration, shrubbery plantings, and reforestation efforts of more than 325,310 acres.
  • Fish hatchery support producing a yield of 30,371,109 fish stocked in public lakes and streams.
  • Placement of more than 130 Watchable Wildlife interpretive signs.
  • 700 million hunters, anglers and youth educated on natural resource and habitat conservation.