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Discover International Connections to
Conservation Through Art, Nature, and Culture

Kronach, Germany

Join us for an exclusive donor appreciation event celebrating Wildlife Forever’s 35th Anniversary and the legacy of Jay Norwood (Ding) Darling

Hosted by Wildlife Forever, the Jay N. Darling Legacy Center, and special guests, this invitation only donor appreciation event will feature unparalleled Old-World charm:

  • 7 nights lodging at the exclusive historical Fortress Rosenberg built in 1642
  • Visits to geological sites, a Baroque-Rococo basilica, museums, galleries, and brewery tours (October Fest)
  • Seminars from historians, artists, curators, and environmentalists
  • Outdoor activities (Birding, Biking, Picnicking, and Hiking)
  • A unique perspective into how art transforms cultures through nature and conservation

Cost: $4,500pp (Airfare not included, ½ due at RSVP, July 15 Deadline)

Each guest who attends will receive a special gift from the collection of the Darling Legacy Center.

Invitation Message from host, Sam Koltinsky

September 18-25, 2022 are the Dates of Discovery!


Greetings to everyone!

We are in the midst of an anniversary year-Wildlife Forever is celebrating its 35th Year of conservation and stewardship while the Jay N. Darling Legacy Center is celebrating the 10th year award-winning release of America’s Darling: The Story of Jay Norwood “Ding” Darling.

Pat and I decided to look within our missions, programs, passions, and legacies. We wanted to provide opportunities that go beyond our physical borders. We desired a celebration and event that could honor those who have help support our visions, goals, and underwriting requirements. In essence we wanted to dream big!

Believe it or not, before Darling, I did have another chapter in life that was and has been very rewarding. That chapter took me to Europe where I lived and worked during the those critical years of reunification after the Fall of the Berlin Wall. It was humbling and fulfilling in ways that space here does not allow.

Well, there is a new chapter now with Darling and many legacy partners including Drake University and Wildlife Forever. Taking an extended working sabbatical in Germany has allowed me to network and develop something very special for this 2022 Anniversary Year-while with Pat – guess what …… a summit Connecting to Conservation Through Art, Nature, and Culture Internationally in the Upper Franconia area of Germany.

Why here? We’ll let the photographs and summit program speak to those answers. You will find that the some of the most beautiful regions of Germany have been chosen along with gifted experts in their respective fields to make our celebration even more special! My wife and I love the region with its history, lush landscape and peaceful surroundings. It is truly a path back in time through its geotourism.

Jay N. Darling was an avid world traveler with his brushes and sketchbooks; capturing the details of our world not only to illustrate his discoveries, but to also learn and give back. Wildlife Forever has established its phenomenal global outreach through its Songbird and Fish Art Contests. Both are educational art programs which attract young people from around the world. Darling learned very early the value of connecting conservation through art and Wildlife Forever has put this visionary thinking to task and has been propelling it forward with our younger generation.

So people there is a lot to celebrate with our international event. People who know me, know I learned well from Darling and I love giving surprises! Join us, we would be honored!

Sam Koltinsky
Jay N. Darling Legacy Center
Des Moines, Iowa
Kueps, Germany

Join us as we celebrate Wildlife Forever’s 35 years of conservation and the people who helped to make it all possible. Wildlife Forever programs are recognized around the world for inspiring the next generation through art, on the ground habitat restoration, and environmental education.

Your Hosts

Sam Koltinsky – Jay N. Darling Legacy Center – President & CEO

Brigitte Koltinsky – Guide

Thilo Lechleitner – Resident Guide, Artist, Photographer

Pat Conzemius – Wildlife Forever – President & CEO


Photographs courtesy and with appreciation:

Achim Buehler, Sam Koltinsky, Thilo Lechleitner, Maximilian Weber, Stefan Wicklein  

Bad Staffelstein



Fortress Rosenberg

Juffa Hotel

Kueps Castle



Jay N. Darling was an internationally acclaimed artist, cartoonist, and journalist. Through his artistry and conservation vision, Darling founded the Federal Duck Stamp program that raises millions of dollars for habitat conservation each year. Funding will help support Darling Legacy projects.

Join us to discover the incredible culture and region of Upper Franken, Germany.

RSVP by July 15st

Call or Email Wildlife Forever to Reserve (12 guests only)
763-253-0222 or
or email Sam Koltinsky:

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