Summer Greetings

Posted Friday August 06, 2021 by wf_admin

By now, the birds of spring have fledged and are growing fast, preparing for their first migration. For the sixth year in a row, my family and I watched a pair of Eastern phoebes nest in the window above our front door. They nested twice this year and I’m always amazed by the resiliency of songbirds. Despite the weather and often unforgiving conditions of nature, they persevere. 

Unfortunately, songbirds across North America are fighting to survive. Since 1970, songbird populations have dropped by as much as 30%. Science suggests that window collisions, habitat loss, and chemical misuse are the primary factors. Just recently, the US Fish and Wildlife Service listed 269 Bird Species of Concern for 2021. And, as we speak, there is a mysterious bird disease killing thousands of birds in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida. Researchers cannot determine a cause and are recommending people to stop feeding birds and sanitize birdbaths.

In response, Wildlife Forever is launching the new Songbird Art Contest. Our goal is to educate the importance that songbirds play in our environment and showcase how their diversity truly enriches our lives. Mirroring the award-winning Fish Art Contest, this new program will educate youth in schools and at home to create awareness for how to help America’s iconic songbirds.

Perhaps you’ve seen my recent letter in the mail? I truly hope you will consider joining us in supporting this critical program. I know you’ll appreciate the new songbird window decal.

Please take a moment to review this latest newsletter. We have lots of news to share including the addition of new staff and project updates from across the country.

As always, I’m grateful for you, our members who entrust Wildlife Forever to continue the legacy of conservation that was started 33 years ago.

Humbly yours,

Pat Conzemius