Songbird Alert: Mysterious bird disease is spreading.

Posted Friday July 23, 2021 by wf_admin

Earlier this summer, several bird species in Washington D.C. were discovered to be ill and dying from an unknown cause. Shortly thereafter, birds in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Florida, and other states began dying, showing similar symptoms: crusty and swollen eyes, lethargic behavior, and signs of neurological distress.

State and Federal authorities are working fast to identify the cause which remains largely unknown. Affected bird species include blue jays, house sparrows, American robins, and others.

Out of precaution, wildlife officials are asking people to stop feeding birds and to sanitize their feeders and birdbaths to avoid possibly spreading this unknown disease. Regular cleaning is important to bird health.

To sanitize, use a 10% bleach solution to disinfect and clean feeders including baths where birds congregate. Rinse thoroughly.

Wildlife Forever is very concerned and monitoring the situation as information is released. We are asking Wildlife Forever members and the public to help monitor bird behavior and report deaths to your local wildlife agency or the US Geological Survey. Click here to report bird illness and death.

To learn more if birds are threatened in your state, click below:

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