Governor Dayton Proclaims: Clean. Drain. Dry. Day!

Posted Wednesday July 12, 2017 by wf_admin

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At the stroke of midnight on Saturday, May 13th, Governor Mark Dayton will cast his line, proclaim Clean Drain Dry Day, signaling the start to a time honored tradition, the Minnesota Fishing Opener! With over 1.6 million anglers hitting the water, Fishing Opener is the perfect opportunity to educate anglers on the importance of invasive species prevention.

The Clean Drain Dry Day Initiative recognizes county partners, lake associations and the many advocates who have united under a common theme working to ensure clean water, open access and a vibrant outdoor economy.


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(NAME), (ORGANIZATION) recognizes that Minnesota communities rely on healthy natural resources and citizens engaged in the fight against invasive species. (NAME) said:  “By presenting the Clean Drain Dry Proclamation at the 2017 Minnesota Governor’s Fishing Opener, everyone is reminded to take action and become part of the solution for protecting our lakes and rivers.”


Working with county agencies, lake associations and civic groups, Wildlife Forever coordinates community outreach and education by promoting conservation and stopping the spread of invasive species.


“Clean Drain Dry unites everyone from boaters to anglers with simple steps to fight the spread of invasive species. I’m happy Governor Dayton acknowledges the many partner accomplishments in keeping our lakes and streams healthy. ” said Pat Conzemius, Conservation Director of Wildlife Forever.   “We are thankful for (ORGANIZATION) working to keep invasive species out of their lakes.”


Minnesota is home to some of America’s finest fishing and boating waters. Clean Drain Dry is simple and easy to do and, as the national prevention message, visitors from other states are likely to have seen the message and know how to help. Visual reminders are posted throughout the state on highway billboards, at gas stations, boat ramps, bait shops, social media and on mobile devices.


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Do your part this fishing and boating season: Clean. Drain. Dry. all boats, trailers and gear.