President Trump Infrastructure Package

Posted Wednesday February 15, 2017 by wf_admin

Wildlife Forever and partners have asked President Trump to include sportsmen priorities in his infrastructure package. In recent weeks the White House team has been primarily focused on traditional hardened infrastructure (roads, bridges, airports, sewer/water, etc.) with little discussion about the outdoor economy, natural infrastructure, or rural communities.  By working together we recommend a piece of the package should be dedicated to key sportsmen/conservation funding priorities that create jobs, grow the outdoor economy, support local communities, and expand hunting/fishing opportunities.  We propose 5% of the total package ($50B over ten years).  This is an opportunity for the Trump Administration to advance three campaign promises simultaneously—creating American jobs, revitalizing rural America, and honoring the conservation legacy of Theodore Roosevelt—by including strategic investments in America’s outdoor economy into the President’s infrastructure package.  More to come.