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Oregon Educator Honored


Joe Colby has been named Wildlife Forever's 2016 State-Fish Art Educator of the Year.   A 5th and 6th grade elementary teacher for ears ears, at Condon Elementary in Condon, Oregon, Mr. Colb is being recognized for his significant contribution to youth conservation education.  He receives a $500 Gift Card, for classroom art supplies, from the award's sponsor, Triarcoo Arts ans Crafts,
Using a variety of local, regional and state resources Colby has been able to instill an appreciation for rivers and waterways as well astheir exosystems with his classes through experiential hands-on educational and  artistic projects in and outside of the classroom.  Through the process of teaching about fish and the world around us, Joe has had his students enter the Contest since the vert beginning of State-Fish Art in 1999."To be mentioned as an educator of the year is an exciting accomplishment, but made even more special when you are recognized for something you take great pride in." remarks Joe Colby.  "Teaching and learning about the outdoors and conservation is the inspiration I first went into education for and it is the driving force still today as to why I stay in education."Joe has introduced many environmental education studies to Condon students," remarks Karen Hollingsworth, Manager of State-Fish Art.  "He is relentless in finding resources in people and projects to introduce and explore the natural world and relate it to what is experienced in the classroom."

Joe Colby joins past winners of the Educator of the Year Award – . Jennifer Brooks, 2015 from Texas; Scott Cummings, 2014  from Indiana; Ashley Berdeau, 2013 from North Carolina; Dr. Helen Loughner, 2012 from Pennsylvania;  Lila Jenkins, 2011 from Missouri;  Michelle Daberkow, 2010 from Nebraska; Dawn Cook, 2009 from Arkansas and Zoe Ann Stinchcomb, 2008 from Texas.

The State-Fish Art Contest is made possible by support from the U.S. Forest Service, Triarco Arts & Crafts,  Rapala, Go Fish Georgia Education Center, Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, USFWS Division of Fish and Aquatic Conservation Region 7 and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

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