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"Time Out For Wildlife"™

Several times per year, Wildlife Forever and its supporters take a "Time Out For Wildlife"™ setting aside their usual daily duties to enjoy the outdoors. The purpose of these events is to raise money but also to raise conservation awareness by involving the public and the media.

In the case of major donor trips, Wildlife Forever has the additional goal of generating financial support for specific conservation projects that are the topic of the trip.

Listed below are some of Wildlife Forever’s most recent events. You can read about these "Time Outs For Wildlife"™ simply clicking on one of the items in the list to open a PDF file. A second link for each item presents photographs from the days event.

July 2005 7th Annual State-Fish Art Expo Is A "Time Out For Wildlife"™

June 2005 Minnesota Twins Take A "Time Out For Wildlife"™ Raise $71,000 

June 2004 Doug Mientkiewicz & Twins Take A "Time Out For Wildlife"™ At 2nd Annual Bass Fishing Classic.

June 2004 Art Contest Winners Take A "Time Out For Wildlife"™ At 6th Annual State-Fish Art Expo

July 2003 VIP Donors Take A "Time Out For Wildlife"™ With Trip to Kodiak Island Alaska

June 2003 Doug Mientkiewicz Takes A "Time Out For Wildlife"™ To Raise Funds For Conservation

June 2003 "Time Out For Wildlife"™ At The State-Fish Art Expo

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