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The Legacy League of Wildlife Forever


Recently a Life Member passed away leaving a very special bequest to Wildlife Forever. We had no idea this special gift had been planned and, of course, it was too late to thank the donor. The Legacy League is our way of saying thank you in advance and recognizing those who have made a similar bequest or have set up other planned gifts to benefit Wildlife Forever.

Wildlife Forever Legacy League Members are passionate supporters of fish and wildlife that have included Wildlife Forever in their wills or other planned gifts. Their bequests provide a living memorial and tribute to both their generosity and their concern for America's fish and wildlife.

In addition to the tax benefits of their planned gifts and the special satisfaction that these types of gifts bring, Legacy League members receive special recognition. A special limited edition Legacy League pin has been designed to recognize individual members who plan ahead to benefit future fish and wildlife resources. Additionally, Legacy League members will receive a special membership certificate and recognition on Wildlife Forever's web site and in The Cry of the Wild, quarterly newsletter.

In addition to recognition here and in the Wildlife Forever newsletter, Legacy League Members receive a limited edition lapel pin and an embossed certificate for their home or office.

Life Members who also choose to become Legacy League Members can request matching membership numbers.

If you would like to be added to the exclusive list of Legacy League members, get in touch via email or call Jim Gallagher at (763) 253-0222.

Discover how you can reduce your taxes and potentially increase income with of a variety of planned gifts. Look over our list of free planned giving informational brochures.

These caring individuals have provided a legacy for fish and wildlife in their wills or through other planned gifts ensuring the future of wildlife . . . forever. The Legacy League is our way of saying thank you in advance for these future gifts.

 Dale V. Schulz  LL0009 Minnesota
 Charles F. Langfeldt  LL0015 California 
 R. Lloyd Hepburn  LL0083 Maryland 
 Audrey N. Cone  LL0128 Wisconsin 
 Robert M. Claussen LL0300 
 Arlo D. McMurtrie  LL0301 Pennsylvania 
 Marcella Johnson  LL0302 Illinois 
Floyd L Casson, Jr.
 Clark Larson, Jr.  LL0304 Illinois 
 Stephen Pawelczyk  LL0305 Michigan 
Kerry Earl 

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