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Threat Campaign™

Our waters are too valuable to allow invasion.
Once an invasive species arrives, they threaten
our lakes and woods by competing with native species.
Every boater, angler, and recreational user has the potential to spread them.

The Threat Campaign is a unique series of multimedia outreach materials targeting anglers, boaters, hunters and recreational users to stop the spread of invasive species.

Efforts include television, print ads, billboards, airport dioramas, DVDs, and Public Service Announcements.

 Threat Campaign billboard

In the United States, there are 12.7 million boaters and 42.5 million anglers and hunters. This large group of outdoorspeople spread across the nation’s forests and streams possess a tradition of resource stewardship and a duty to respond to environmental crises.

If unaware of the aquatic invasive species (AIS) issue and what to do, the outdoor community actually poses a great threat to the spread of harmful invasive fish, plants, and other organisms!  Fortunately, several studies indicate a willingness to take action, knowing that our waters are too valuable to allow them to become invaded.

Invasive species impact the American public at the cost of 137 BILLION DOLLARS a year!

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