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Clean Drain Dry Initiative is leading the fight against invasive species

Across the nation, invasive species are threatening aquatic habitats. Lakes, rivers, streams, and the bodies of water near you are threatened by species such as the Sea Lamprey, Asian Carp, Hydrilla, and Rock Snot. These invasives can devastate ecosystems and damage equipment.

Wildlife Forever, in partnership with Federal, State and Canadian Organizations has teamed up with over 2,500 partners across the nation to stop the spread of invasive species. Wildlife Forever can provide your organization with CLEAN DRAIN DRY branded materials to help individuals learn about and prevent the spread of invasive species.

Help Prevent the Spread

-CLEAN watercraft, trailer, motor, and equipment. REMOVE visible aquatic plants, mussels, other animals, and mud before leaving any water access.

-DRAIN water from boat, bilge, motor and livewell by removing drain plug and opening all water draining devices away from the boat ramp. Regulations require this when leaving accesses in many states and provinces.

-DRY everything at least five days before going to other waters and landings or SPRAY/RINSE recreation equipment with high pressure and/or hot water (120°F/50°C or higher).

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Our new video features above and below water perspective on invasive species. Ask us for more detail on our full scale video and underwater production capabilities.



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